Babe of the day creates a dramatic incident on the road

There was a shocking video that shows a car crash due to the bikini babes. The accident was very funny when it comes to the whole story. Many hot babes were standing on the road of Sao Paulo City in Brazil.Most of them were holding some advertisement for the upcoming traffic. But all of a sudden the entire incident took another track and created a blunder.

Why were the babes in the middle of the road?

The Brazilian beauties were astonished by the incident when they saw a car crashed. The girls were waving their hands with theadvertisement. The traffic was very slow because of the hot babes near the pedestrian crossing. Many people are watching the exposed figure of the bikini babes. Babes were also seen making fun of those victims of car accidents. The entire incident was recorded for news publishes.

What is the real story behind the accident?

The local news channels were flooded with the news. You can see that the babes were standing at the junction of the roads. There was a driver who fails to push the break on the time that is why he crashed the front lid. The result was very noisy and funny because the front lid breaks down from the car.The front id also gets scrambled after the drastic hit. Slowly the babes were seen moving aside.

The video gets the following reactions

  • The funny incident gets standing applause.
  • There were many people around the funny incident.
  •  The bikini beauties have stopped for a while and observe the incident.
  • Many people were laughing loudly.
  • The hot babes rush to the place to see the incident.

You can see in the video that the babes were very clammed about the incident. However, they have stopped for the reaction. A car driver has crashed the front lid of the car. There were disputes after the accident. The driver told that he got an accident to save a dog on the road. This news turned to be funniest one after babe’s reaction over it. Local media made the incident viral soon.

What is in the footage?

It is very interesting to see the reason behind the crowd on the road. The close-up footage revealed that the hot babes distracted the driver. There are many cars on the road, which were slowed down due to the reaction of the bikini babes. However, the accident was very embarrassing for the car driver. But it was totally for those bikini girls who made the entire thing happen within seconds.

The local news makes the hot girls as the babe of the day in the channel. Many people have recorded the entire story by their Phone. Many people also shared this video on the social networking sites. Apart from that the video was like in the local news. It becomes viral and spreads like wildfire on the news.If you really want to know more about all these babes then feel free to view the details here.